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We provide institutional investors with a diverse selection of equity strategies that cater to both growth and value-oriented investment approaches. These strategies are accessible through a variety of channels, including custom solutions tailored to specific requirements, pooled investment vehicles, and separate accounts. This ensures flexibility in meeting the investment needs and preferences of our institutional clients.

LIF Equity: Our objective is to pursue long-term capital appreciation through investments in global companies' equity and equity-related securities

LIF US Growth Equity:The primary objective of this strategy is to achieve long-term capital growth by focusing on investing in growth-oriented, small capitalization equity securities primarily within the United States.

LIF Latin America Equity: The core objective of this strategy, centered on LATAM, is to pursue long-term capital growth by investing in equity securities that exhibit growth potential and belong to small-cap companies.

LIF Emerging markets Equity:The primary objective of the strategy is to achieve long-term capital growth by primarily investing in equity securities issued by companies located in Emerging Markets.

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